Swedish Rite aprons

The Charles D. Visscher Museum of Masonic Culture has offered pictures from their collections on Facebook, including Norwegian Regalia. These are very similar to the ones used in Denmark. The museum is located physically in New Jersey.


Swedish Rite regalia

As mentioned earlier, I visited the exhibition on freemasonry here in Århus. The catalogue has pictures of the mannequins wearing regalia, which I would like share here (I have no scanner, so I had to shoot pictures; the files are approx. 500kb each). Gloves are worn in all degrees, and hat is worn by all from III degree and up. The tradition of wearing tails is only used in Denmark and Iceland; Norway and Sweden also allows black suit and tie.

  • I-III is the St. John’s lodge (Craft). The flap is worn up for the Apprentice.
  • IV-VI is the St. Andrew’s lodge (Scots degrees).
  • VII-XI is Chapter. In addition to these, the Sovereign Grand Master (XII) has his own apron and sash. There is also a seperate sash (white and gold) for members of the Supreme Council (who are all XI).