Secrets of the Quest

I write this blog under some self-imposed restrictions. They serve to preserve personal integrity, protect the sanctity of my obligations and not involve other people, who may prefer to stay out of the virtual lime-light. But by their very nature, they also limit some of the stories that I would have liked to tell. That’s the balance, the name of the game. When I decided to keep Grail Quest alive, one of the cons were definitely that it is hard to get to the heart of my thinking, because there are so many things I cannot delve into. On the other hand, I realise that I have this need to express myself, and putting things into writing (that is read by others) serves to clarify things for myself and clear my mind, cathartically, perhaps.

My masonic story (and opinions) is one area that has been the most severely restricted. Swedish Rite has largely remained a mystery outside of its area of practise, and as I have said time and again, I am not about be the one who sells out the secrets just to make myself interesting. Everything that I post here is therefore available from elsewhere (as the links prove), or is something that has been explained by the official spokespersons for the Order. I’ll keep looking for snippets that may be of interest, but don’t expect an exposé.

Another difficult area is how my spiritual and philosophical worldview evolves, and that’s the really at the heart of this blog. At the same time, this is where I also want to show some restraint; the Internet is cool, and I like its collaborative nature, but this is personal, there are real Secrets here – things that are for the individual Seeker to find, and things that are Secret in the sense that they cannot be transmitted.

So, at the of the day, I’ll continue this dance, trying to find a rythm, careful not to step on any toes, while still trying to express myself.

Btw., I know that the last couple of entries have been a little bit introspective and self-centred; over the following weeks I’ll get back to business.


Picture: ‘The Achievement of the Grail’ (1891-’94) tapestry by Edward Burne-Jones (from Wikepedia)


Spring revival

When I started this blog, I originally envisioned it as a chronicling of my trip to San Francisco, Dublin and Boston, plus as a place to park articles describing the journey leading to my becoming a mason, and that was it. But it has refused to die, and there have been irregular postings on tarot, Swedish Rite and a few other subjects. So, following a period of regression and afterthought, I have decided to keep the blog running, but broadening the subject slightly. Or rather, it will be pretty much the same, but I’ll be deliberately straying from the topic as originally given.

So, I’ll start posting again, and we’ll see where it all leads.


Photo: private. Good Friday in Boston, MA, 2008.

Gathering information

Freemason Information has been online for a few years now, but it has now expanded to include a number of prolific and thoughtful bloggers, such as Aude Vide Tace, Beehive, Masonic Traveler and more. It offers information of generel Masonic interest, reviews, the Masonic Central podcast and more. Plus it features a very nice design, which is refreshing when everything else is Blogger og *h-hm* WordPress.

I will also take this opportunity to plug King Solomon’s Blog, which lists a huge number of Masonic blogs in a variety of languages. This site has helped me keep up-to-date on the Masonic blogosphere, and I can only recommend it if you’re a Masonic blogger: get in there.

Nice to see a lot of activity from the community of Masonic bloggers made readily available, now that I have been keeping a low profile for a while myself (but I am looking to return to active duty in the near future).