This is a private site about spiritual chivalry, tarot and freemasonry, and its content reflects my personal attitudes and experiences, not that of any Grand Lodge or organisation.

There are to main parts: The travel log, which is a series of archived articles; and the blog, which serves as my journal of Masonic travel experiences in San Francisco, Dublin and Boston 2007 – 2008 (and possibly beyond). Geographically as well as spiritually. So, not literarily about the Grail, but still …

About me
My name is Thomas Munkholt, I am in the late thirties and make my living working freelance as an editor, translator and writer of fiction. Beyond Freemasonry (and associated spiritual sciences) I have a diverse interest in pop-culture – comics, movies, roleplaying games, music etc. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have, on and off, been pursuing my interest in Masonry for about 15 years, but the first seed was planted when I was about nine. I know no one active in Freemasonry (as far as I know), and I knocked on the door at my own initiative. It opened to me in November 2005, when I was initiated into the Danish Order of Freemasons.

Standing on the roof back in Copenhagen


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Bro. Thomas,

    Thank you for this mention of the Visscher Museum of Masonic Culture, the only real museum in New Jersey Freemasonry. I’m a member of the Scottish Rite Valley that houses the museum, and even I was not aware of the extent of its Swedish Rite collection.

    Cordially & fraternally,

  2. Dear Brother,
    I would like to invite you to a free exchange of ideas about
    – the significance of Freemasonry,
    – the relevance of Free Masonry in today’s world,
    – the inconsistency of advocating the ideal of universal brotherhood while refusing to communicate among the branches of Freemasonry.
    The Call of Bratislava is an entirely personal venture. While the project culminated from discussions with dozens of Freemasons living in different countries and belonging to a vast variety of associations, it was written and is being distributed exclusively under my name. As such, the document is not connected with any particular obedience.
    Peter Bu

  3. Dear Sir:
    I found a Masonic Z&F medal with a red and white ribbon that looks to be at least 100 years old. I was wondering if you knew anyone who could tell me more about it?

    Naphtali Lodge #25 St. Louis , MO

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