History of Scandinavian freemasonry

World Exemplification of Freemaosnry is an initiative by the Grand Lodge of Indiana. It presents a series of online video lectures on a masonic topic, approximately one per week in 2011. In this one Andreas Önnerfors, scholar and member of the Swedish Order of Freemasonry, talks about the history of freemasonry in Scandinavia, particularly in Sweden and Denmark:

The Evolution of Scandinavian Freemasonry from WEOFM on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “History of Scandinavian freemasonry

  1. The founders of modern Free Masonry, several of which belonged to the Royal Academy of Sciences of London, were some of the most intelectually enlightened thinkers of their time. They understood that humanity was entering a new evolutionary period on a planetary scale. In order to facilitate this passage, they developed methods of initiation that learn to consider respectfully all civilizations, past and present. They focused on
    the acceptance of the diversity of peoples and cultures,
    the inspiration derived from such diversity,
    the development of humanity in the spirit of universal brotherhood.
    Although Free Masonry is practiced within a lodge, its effects are not limited to the lodge. Otherwise,
    our London ancestors would have created a club, a typical British institution, rather than establishing the base for a confederation of lodges.
    This evolution is not complete. Free Masonry is continually relevant. Do we fully realize this fact?
    Are we worthy of this heritage?
    Is today not the right time to freely discuss
    the relevance of Free Masonry in today’s world,
    the inconsistency between the ideal of universal brotherhood and the refusal to communicate among various branches of Free Masonry?
    Free Masons can not perpetuate their division in an era of globalisation, in an era when even churches are finding common ground.
    I invite you to participate in this debate on http://www.call-of-bratislava.com, and to sign the petition. (The site is in five languages).

  2. Freemasons are a fraternal society which is made up of men who are concerned with moral and spiritual values. Members of the Freemasons or Masons as they’re also known are taught the precepts of Freemasonry by means of ritual dramas. These Masonic rituals follow ancient forms and involve the customs and tools of stonemasons as allegorical guides.

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