Regarding a letter in The Square

The Square (‘the independent magazine for freemasons‘) brings a letter questioning whether UGLE should recognise those Grand Lodges practicing Swedish Rite who according to this letter, ‘discriminate on the grounds of religion’. I have already said my final piece on this accusation (Swedish Rite … or Wrong?), but the letter (or rather its anonymous writer) gets an important fact wrong, so I need to address that:

I have attempted to find out more about this matter at Grand Lodge but all I have been told is that there exists a second Grand Lodge in Denmark – which I believe – practices the Emulation ritual translated into Danish. (I was actually already aware of this as some of their Grand Officers and members attended a lodge – for which I have a connection – at Freemason’s Hall a few years ago, so I saw them). This begs the question as to why we recognise two Grand Lodges in one country – but that is another matter.

(I believe the parenthesis is a comment from editor Mike Porter.)

First of all, UGLE actually recognises two or more Grand Lodges in several countries, and for good reason, but as the writer says, that is another matter.

More imporantly, it is not the case in Denmark. The situation is that The Danish Order of Freemasons (practising Swedish Rite, with around 8,000 members) is the Grand Lodge of Denmark. Within this organisation is The Ancient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Denmark (some 1,300 members); they entered a concord with the Order which gave them recognition and semi-autonomy (comparable to a Provincial Grand Lodge); but they accept the authority of the Sovereign Grand Master of the Order, and recognition can not be extended to them as an individual organisation. Many members of the Fraternity join the Order to take the higher degrees (IV-X) of that system.

Also, I have also been told that what they work is Emulation, but it clearly isn’t, nor do they name it so (I believe it’s called ‘Ritual for The Ancient Fraternity of F&AM’ or something like that) – it is a mistake that has crept in somewhere. (Unfortunately their website is being updated, but they used to have quite a bit of information in English, so I shall update this post once it’s back online.)

EDIT: corrected the member numbers with the latest edition of the yearbook.


One thought on “Regarding a letter in The Square

  1. I find it funny how Freemasonry was opened up to allow other faiths to become members, and now people have infiltrated with not only secular humanist agendas, but with the purpose of writing the Christian origins out of history and persecuting those lodges and Masons which have preserved the Christian work of lodges of Sts John. Meanwhile, there is far too much disunity in the Christian community, and so often we find apologetics, censoring their own tongue and being far too passive as everyone seems to be reaching out to take a swipe at Christians and especially Christian Masonry. The higher you go in Masonry, the more Christian the esoterica will be. Period. Christian Orders need to stand firm in holding down their square, as there are many who lie to infiltrate and destroy from within. Masonic Christian Rites are ecumenical, and there is a new upswing of interest from generations X, Y & Z. But, there is also an ignorant pool of people whose scope is limited with regards to Masonic history and origins, who insist that everything must be universal in Masonry, going so far as to claim that it has always been this way. Nothing could be more untrue. Everything from speech transcripts to catechisms and rituals prove it have only recently become so universal in nature.

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