Gathering information

Freemason Information has been online for a few years now, but it has now expanded to include a number of prolific and thoughtful bloggers, such as Aude Vide Tace, Beehive, Masonic Traveler and more. It offers information of generel Masonic interest, reviews, the Masonic Central podcast and more. Plus it features a very nice design, which is refreshing when everything else is Blogger og *h-hm* WordPress.

I will also take this opportunity to plug King Solomon’s Blog, which lists a huge number of Masonic blogs in a variety of languages. This site has helped me keep up-to-date on the Masonic blogosphere, and I can only recommend it if you’re a Masonic blogger: get in there.

Nice to see a lot of activity from the community of Masonic bloggers made readily available, now that I have been keeping a low profile for a while myself (but I am looking to return to active duty in the near future).


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