Craft in Sweden

Denmark already has several organisations – some regular and others not so much – working Craft (Blue) freemasonry, and now it seems that the groundwork is being made in Sweden to offer an alternative to the Christian-only Swedish Order of Freemasons. (There is already one co-masonic lodge under Le Droit Humain (website in Swedish) in Stockholm, with plans to open another one in Gothenburg.)

From the website of ‘Humanitära Sällskapet Den Räta Vinkeln’:

The Humanitära Sällskapet Den Räta Vinkeln (English; the Humanitarian Society The Right Angle) is a society on Masonic foundation with the goal to re-establish in Sweden Craft lodges, Mark lodges, Chapters et cetera  that works according to traditional Masonic customs, which are neutral on Religious matters. This will be realised mainly by reviving the now resting lodges of Svenska Frimurare Lägret (English; the Swedish Masonic Camp).

This will make the new society irregular in the eyes of the Order, which is the internationally recognised Grand Lodge of Sweden, but the grand lodge has been informed of this move. It is yet unclear whether they have a charter or if international relations will be established.

More, as it is revealed.


2 thoughts on “Craft in Sweden

  1. Their roots are ‘Svenska Frimurare Lägret’ (English; the Swedish Masonic Camp) from 1951, and Swedish Wikipedia mentions that this ‘camp’ has a charter from a “continental grand lodge” but does not say which. I have asked. I believe it is their intention to exist as their own entity, but they do mention that the GL of Sweden has been informed of their activities.

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