London: women freemasons

At the museum in Freemasons Hall there is an ongoing exhibition about women’s freemasonry in England to mark the centenary of the first lady freemasons in England. I find the subject very interesting, and we have two women-only lodges in Denmark. Their French origins seem to me more ‘feminine’ than the two English organisations (HFAF and OWF) that have stayed very close to UGLE’s way of doing things; and by that I don’t mean that freemasonry is based on gender, but it seems to me that the Danish women freemasons bring their female character more into their way of doing things. But of course it’s difficult for me to say, from the outside looking in.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t really much to see. Some letters, charters, personal effects and a couple of photos. The stuff that was there was fine, but not very inviting, and I think the background and history could have been presented better. Overall a little bit disappointing.

Telegraph has a handful of pictures from the exhibition (including the one in this post), and Pietre Stones wrote about it.


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