The doors of the Temple are open

September finally marked the start of the new Masonic year. So far I have visited two First degrees and a Third in the local lodge, St. Clemens. The first meeting of the year had more than a hundred brothers present, and the lecture given was one of the best I have heard – discussing Silence and the Word (based on the Gospel of St. John, 1:1).

A lot of work has been put into revising the rituals, and the new versions are being tested and polished this year. Quite a few minor tweaks and a very few major changes, from what I could tell. All in all stuff I can agree with. For the officers that are used to the old ones, though, the details may seem awkward and throw their flow, and in that sense, I am fortunate that I am not carrying that “baggage” when I start as an assistant Junior Warden in the new year. (I should explain that under Swedish Rite there is only one version of the ritual, and no deviation is allowed.)

So nice to be back.

Photo: Provincial Grand Lodge Århus, home of St. John’s lodge St. Clemens.


One thought on “The doors of the Temple are open

  1. Dear Brother,

    As i am only an entered apprentice, i can´t reflect on changes made in the third degree, but i does agree that it is so nice to be back after a long summer.

    Med venlig og broderlig hilsen
    Brian Palmund, Flittig lærling, Absalon

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