The idea of Odin was concieved by myself and a couple of other younger brothers.

Odin is a partnership between two lodges, both meeting in Freemasons Hall in Copenhagen on Wednesdays: Hafnia and Zorobabel and Frederick to the Crowned Hope (Z&F). It was created to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the lodges, offer social activities outside of lodge, and encourage intervisitiation. It is primarily aimed at the newest members.

It should be explained that when one lodge has a first degree on, the other will have a third. This means that Apprentices and Companions (Fellowcrafts) of the latter lodge will be “out of work”, but they are welcome at the first lodge’s first degree meeting. Since we don’t have business meetings, there will always be something interesting going on, degrees and lectures. Once this system of mutual benefit was set up, the newly initiated brother of Hafnia knew that he could always visit Z&F, and vice-versa, and a member of Odin would be there to welcome him.

The long-term benefit is that the new brother is immediately in the habit of going to lodge once every week (once he makes Master, he may choose to stick with his motherlodge, as he is able to attend every meeting – this is partly why it is mainly aimed at newcomers). And more importantly: He now has a group that he can share his questions with. The first time can be confusing, and you have no rights in lodge (can’t speak or vote). Odin serves to ease the transition. This, I hope, will support retention, and hopefully more brothers will feel at ease with the rituals.

This is a success story, and we are proud to have made it happen. But, as always with things such as these, they are based on individual initiative, and the next important challenge is passing the torch.

I intend to put some time into our Odin newsletter, and when I return to Copenhagen, I will have some recruiting to do.


3 thoughts on “Odin

  1. Thank you Bro. Thomas,
    What a wonderful system. The principle officers in the two lodges in my city have been getting together lately to discuss improving relations and this seems to be a great system to implement.
    Very inovative,

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