Summertime blues

This is just me whining …

Unlike many lodges that meet at least once every month, even during summer, Swedish Rite lodges are dark from April till September. (As I have said before, it has to be considered that the active season is quite hectic compared to other systems: each meeting has several lectures and always a full degree as well as dining — four hours of fun … every week.) Which means that I have another month and a half until the season starts! And since I have been abroad for a while, my last (Swedish Rite) lodge meeting was March 2007 — waaaay too long ago.

There are no meetings, no education, and many lodges keep their library closed. One or two social activities arranged by the local lodge or informally between brethren are quite usual, but that’s about it. (We met up, 8 or 9 of us, for a barbecue, beer and some good masonic talk — quality time, no doubt, but nothing like sitting in the temple.)

On a serious note, for me, almost six months break is too long. I feel I have come to appreciate the solemnity of the temple as an important pillar in my life. And the spiritual quest doesn’t stop, just because the sun is shining. I know, a period for fermentation (or perhaps getting a tan while practicing freemasonry in the Real World) is a natural part of learning and developing, but come on, three months ought to do it!

Yeah, okay, I’ll shut up, find a dark corner out of the sun and wait for the real season of Light.


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