Going home

Tomorrow we’ll be flying back to Denmark.

We have had three wonderful months in Boston, and masonically this was as active as I could have hoped for. There was the open house for 275th Anniversary, I visited National Heritage Museum, walked the masonic paths of Boston and saw several masonic graves, historical sites and pubs. I also experienced Harvard doing a multiple Raising ceremony and their dinner for prospective members – both very unique and fun events. And Major General Henry Knox’s table lodge. Plus the trip to New York. And more.

That said, it will be good to get back to how we do things at home. I am not disparraging what I have seen here – it has truly been an eye-opener, and there are obviously so many great people investing their hearts and time into making freemasonry the best that it can be. But I can’t help it – I just love the Swedish Rite, and how we do things in general. Still, it has been a learning experience, and I have grown from it, I think.

How the whole journey has touched me is something that remains to be seen – it will take some time digesting it all, and I have an inkling that much will only reveal itself over time. I have some general ideas already and I hope to put some of it into words over the summer (the masonic year in Denmark doesn’t start until September), but now I must finish packing.

Farewell, for now. I am going home. But I am less certain than ever about where that is …


Picture by benedeki, from stock.xchng

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