Teh Holimax FTW!!!

ExileSurfing, as one does, I came across Exile, a video game from 1991. Check out this awesome synopsis from Wikipedia:

The plot of the game was very unusual, detailing the further adventures of Sadler, now living in the time of the Christian crusades (roughly 1120 A.D), to attempt to unite the world under one god and achieve world peace. He meets many historical figures along the way, such as Hugues de Payens (who plays a major role) and Pythagoras. Along the way, he performs a Masonic ritual in an attempt to revive Noah, and slaughters many Hindu and Buddhist deities. Eventually he has a final battle against Hiram Abiff.


Check out also these unique terms:

Holimax (speculated to be the Holy Grail) – An artifact said to unite all people under one god. Yuug’s search for it begins Sadler’s journey. Later in the game, it appears that every culture has a “Holimax” of their own.
Triangular Lake – man-made lake by Pythagoras which seems to hold the secret to time travel and fabricated dimensional distortions.

But lest you think that young Sadler is a mason or a crusader, read on:

Sadler and his Syrian companions are most likely followers of Aga Khan. This is pointed to repeatedly throughout the series: Sadler kills a Muslim Caliph because of the Caliph’s persecution and oppression of Sadler’s people. When Aga Khan was formed in the 11th century, its followers were persecuted for their belief system. Not only is Sadler an assassin, taking up residence in a hidden community of assassins, he also believes that nothing is true and everything is permissible, similarly to Hassan I Sabbah, Aga Khan’s founder. This could also explain Sadler’s use of drugs.

Seriously, this sounds like the Best Game Evah.

Picture is a cut scene from the game: Sadler facing off against Huges de Payens. Obviously.


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