Winning the Hiram Key

I won a book! Pretty crazy, yeah. I was flipping through The Working Tools web-magazine – I am not a regular reader, which makes it even more of a lucky shot, and there was a “Just email us, and you’ll enter in the draw”-competition. So I did, and my number came out. The prize? Turning the Hiram Key, written (and signed) by Robert Lomas.

The book asks:

  • What is the purpose of Freemasonry?
  • What do Masons gain from working the Rituals?
  • Can anybody benefit from the spiritual teachings of The Craft?
  • Does Freemasonry hold the secret to unlocking the hidden potential of the human mind?
  • Are Masonic rituals simple moral plays designed to encourage people to behave well?
  • Are they a secret tradition preserved from a long lost civilisation?
  • Are they meaningless formalities? Or do they serve a deeper purpose?

Which all sounds quite interesting. I have already read The Hiram Key (co-written by Christopher Knight), which was certainly entertaining, but it’s mostly unfounded claims made for effect. Still, this one seems to be more of a personal attempt to understand the rituals, one person’s point of view, with a very definite esoteric slant. Could be good.

I am currently reading Committed to the Flames, and we’re getting ready to go back to Denmark, so this is going to sit on the shelf for a while; but I’ll return with a report.


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