Roadside Diaries

More Danes questing in the Land of Dreams …

Two of my very good Danish friends, Kristian and Jacob, are travelling across the states, chronicling their journeys at They have gone from Atlanta, to Florida and New Orleans, and they are currently holed up in a shack, somewhere out of bounds in the Mississippi Delta. In their own words:

We’re off to portray Americans. Not the American people, but the American individuals. We seek a multitude of persons and places, of dreams and realities. We want to get behind the scenes, and discover for ourselves what everyday life in the US is like. What happens when the cameras stop rolling? When the lights go out, and the studio gets empty? Does the myth of America rise and fall with the curtain?

We open our minds and hearts to those who cross our path, and we tell their stories without prejudice or self-interest. Our intent is to create a compelling series of real-life portraits from the land of dreams. An illustrated guide to American diversity based on interviews, dialogues, and stray thoughts. A contemporary account from the immediate and passionate perspective of the outsider.

If you like the idea (and why wouldn’t you), you can help them out:

Do you know someone who knows someone? We are constantly on the lookout for couches to crash on and people willing to share their stories. Opening a door to us means opening a window to the world.

More info, stories and pictures on the website:


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