Today I went to the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, a facility founded by the Scottish Rite Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction, which had their offices across the lawn.

275 years of BrotherhoodMosaicJug

I enjoyed the museum – the facilities were well laid out and the topics well communicated. The current main event was Sowing the Seeds of Liberty, about the battle at Lexington, but there was plenty more. Of course, my main objective was seeing some Masonic stuff. There was a library with many Masonic titles and information on Benjamin Franklin and his Parisian lodge, Les Neuf Sœurs. Remember Me was a presentation of special items from past exhibitions, and they had some great Masonic effects as well. But the highlight was Celebrating 275 Years of Brotherhood, commemorating the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts‘ anniversary.

Since I visited as a freemason, I didn’t think about it while I was there, but going home I wondered if the historical perspective was not slightly skewed, what with the Masonic effects popping up, perhaps not at random, but certainly in overrepresentation, in the different exhibitions. But then again, no; I mean, you do get fair warning going in the front door, which is flanked by a huge Square & Compasses. There is merit to leaving the presentation in the hands of professionals – freemasons know their own stuff, sure, but they are not necessarily good historians and custodians. Actually, there will be a Masonic exhibition in Aarhus (Denmark) about freemasonry, handled by the city’s museum – I am looking forward to seeing that in the autumn, when I get back.

Fantod(Oh, and on my way home I stumbled over a true little gem: Edward Gorey’s Fantod pack – not at all Masonic, but its 20 cards are sort of Tarot-ish, and they are so cool I just had to mention them regardless. So there.)


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