Alchemy and Tarot, rolled into one!

I promise not to turn this into a Tarot blog, and I’ll make this brief, but today I received my Alchemical Tarot: renewed (the last one of my standing orders), and it is simply too cool not to mention (designed by Robert Place). And alchemy is absolutely a part of freemasonry – see the Alchemy 101 with author Timothy Hogan on The Sanctum Sanctorium, if you don’t believe me.

The cards are thin and glossy, but not flimsy in any way. The illustrations and colours are crisp and rich. The imagery is a mixture of “classical” Rider-Waite-Smith and alchemical allegory, and some of the images will be familiar as such, as well as Jungian ideas. The concept is hardly new, but the execution is excellent.


2 thoughts on “Alchemy and Tarot, rolled into one!

  1. Hey Brother, I love your page. I’m glad you have enjoyed the Alchemy 101 course- thanks for endorsing it. You, more than most Freemasons, may really enjoy my first book: Revelation of the Holy Grail- written under my pen name of Chevalier Emerys. All it does is cover the connections between the Grail tradition and Freemasonry, with several elements published for the first time that I got permission from various Grand Lodges to publish. Keep up the Great Work!

    In the Bonds of Spiritual Chivalry,

    Tim Hogan

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