My latest Tarot deck arrived today, Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal. It was designed by Roberto Negrini and illustrated by Andrea Serio.

liber-stars-eternal-02745.jpgLiber T is a sort of mash-up of Crowley’s Book of Thoth (that’s the ‘Liber’ and the ‘T’ right there), with some further Golden Dawn astrological influences and Egyptian astronomy (allegedly). At first sight (online) it looked to be a simpler deck, with softer art; not so: The Majors are indeed a little more simple, but the pips have whole new illustrations and attributions added to them that still incorporates Frieda Harris’ original symbolic representation. So, it is in fact quite “heavy”. This will never be a practical, working deck for me, but I will spend hours just contemplating the imagery and holding it up against Crowley’s work.

(Comparison of all cards at Albideuter.)

But the artwork is wonderful, and I am thinking about getting Serio’s Dante Tarot as well, just for the art (not that I have anything against Dante, mind). One gripe: there is only a thin booklet, and this deck really needs a good companion guide. Also, as with most of Lo Scarabeo’s decks, the titles are in different languages, which does clutter the frame slightly – wouldn’t English, and possibly French, have sufficed?

Slight tangent for masonic relevance: There are thousands of Tarot decks, and collecting them is a terrible habit to get into, so I’ll try to resist. But I guess it compares to experiencing the different rituals of freemasonry: The basics are the same, but there are so many variations and aesthethics, and each time you learn something new, even if it’s only in the details.


2 thoughts on “Liberty?

  1. Skimmed it only. It will be a while – I have not enough time to read, so I try to keep within whatever topic I am pursuing at any one time, and this just seems to add a whole new layer. Which is great, but not just now. Thank you for the link, though – it’s appreciated.

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