Open house

I’ve only been in Boston for a few days, but I wanted to see Grand Lodge; as it happened I noticed that there was an open house today, as part of the 275th anniversary of freemasonry in Massachusetts. So I decided to spend an hour there.

The building is great, and a “Masonic Ambassador” gave me a tour of parts of it. There was also classical music performed in the Corinthian Hall (pictured), and a group of Colonial era drums and pipers were present, as well as Benjamin Franklin, but I missed his speech. And some good stuff to eat, of course.


The main setup were typical displays presenting freemasonry, and some of the local lodges had tables where you could “ask a freemason”, and find out if it was for you. The main selling points seemed to be the opportunities to get involved in charity and to make it a family thing. I would estimate there to be about fifty guests in the hour or slightly more that I was there, plus freemasons, and it felt like a good turnout (it was pouring down outside, so the streets were pretty much empty, considering the fab location by Boston Commons), and the interest was definitely there.

I grabbed an info folder, and I’ll look through it, as well as some of the videos that has been put out by the Grand Lodge of Massachusets later; I am still unsure what to think about the very active recruiting methods, but the production quality is certainly not to fault.

Importantly, I also made few contacts, and I now have a good handful of standing invitiations to see some real work.  More later.


One thought on “Open house

  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit. My Lodge had a representative at the first table on the left as you walked in. The painting was supposed to be of Major General Henry Know, our Lodge’s name. As for the downpour, it didn’t seem to deter those who were interested in joining. Overall it was a nice time.


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