Rose Circle Society updates

bealestreet_logo.pngRose Circle Society in its own words:

As an active center of learning, the Rose Circle is a central hub for some of the premier thinkers on Esotericism. We organize conferences and lectures, publish papers and streaming video, and facilitate the discovery and understanding of Esoteric knowledge.

I have joined as a Seeker (free) but is definitely considering a correspondent membership. Their next conference, the Psychology of Ritual and Its Applications, is in April in New York, and the lineup has me aching to go:

  • Chic Cicero – The Rosicrucian Vault: A Compendium of the Universal Unity
  • Tabatha Cicero – Images of Initiation: The Hermetic Tarot
  • Mike Evans – The Methods and Rituals of Eastern Esoteric Traditions
  • Marco Henry – The Hero Myth and Jungian Archetypes
  • Steven Vitale – Tarot as a Doorway to the Initiatic Path
  • Cliff Jacobs – Blake, Huxley and the Doors of Perception

It will take some planing, but shouldn’t be completely impossible. I believe an express train can get there from Boston in a few hours. We’ll see …

(Thanks to Chris Hodapp for bringing this to my attention in the first place.)


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