2008 preview

grail.jpgAs the old year winds down, I already have my mind half way into the new. So here are some of the Masonic stuff I intend to get involved in:

Dublin: We’re still here, and I still haven’t had a proper run-in with Irish freemasonry. I want to see a degree, with a candidate; preferably all three degrees.

New York: Hopefully we will head on to New York in March to stay somewhere upstate. That means visiting a small town lodge, but also going to NYC and seeing the magnificant Grand Lodge building on 23rd St. There is also a potential conference in April, arranged by the Rose Circle Society, on which Chris Hodapp has more – if we are in the vicinity, I will definitely go.

St. John’s Lodge Hafnia: We still don’t know exactly where we will end up once we get back to Denmark, but hopefully close enough to Copenhagen that I can return to my motherlodge. I plan to get involved as an “understudy” to an office, hopefully as Orator or one of the Wardens – if they’ll have me. Another project is one I helped start before setting out: a “friendly union” between Hafnia and another lodge, in order to cultivate friendships and ease newly initiated brothers into the system and ritual; I’ll want to get back into that work.

St. Andrew’s Lodge Cubus Friderici Septimi: There is a small chance that I will be advanced to the next level of Swedish Rite. There is no date yet, and it may not happen until 2009, we’ll see.

Tarot: I will continue with my work on the Noblet Tarot, as well as the BOTA lessons. (More on this soon.)

Marathon: No hurry, and I probably won’t be fit enough for a marathon in 2008, but surely half the distance. Running is not only healthy, it is also an hour during the day where I can stretch the mind; a sort of meditation. I got an all-weather suit for Christmas, so there are no excuses!

Blogging: This blog, as well as my Danish companion site, Frimurer (Freemason), needs looking after. This one is mainly a record for myself and a sort of window to the world. But the Danish site has actually proven a resource for many in search of information on freemasonry in Denmark, and it has put me in contact with a lot of nice people. The Order send out some scrambled signals that I should put it on hold when I was Initiated, but I’ve decided to get it going again (if they want something, they know where to find me).

Finally, there is one more project that I am very excited about, but it has to be cleared with the Chancellery of my Order before it can go ahead, and I am still waiting for an answer. We’ll see. It would entail further travelling and as such be a good excuse to carry on this blog.

Sh!t, I feel really priviliged. Other than these concrete events, I will also keep working on my understanding of the St. John’s degrees in partiular and freemasonry in general, try to put some work into the lodge and keep on the lookout for that ever elusive Grail.

Happy New Year, folks.


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