Dublin/Howth, Ireland

The first, jetlagged week has passed since we came to Dublin. We are staying in a nice little tourist/fishing town called Howth, just north of the city. Being back in Europe is actually a bit of an anti-climax after the friendly laziness of California, but I do love this time of the year (and seasons is one thing that California does not have!) – the sun is still warm and the air is clean and sweet. Mmm. Unfortunately the apartment doesn’t have Internet as promised, so my online time is a bit limited at the moment, but I’ll get to looking back over the last three months sooner or later.

Grand Lodge of Ireland, under a sunny autumn skyYesterday I went to the city for a walk and naturally one of my first calls was Grand Lodge in Molesworth Street.

They were a bit understaffed on the day – a young girl pretty much handled the house alone, turned on the lights in the museum for me, found a trestleboard for the lodges meeting in the building, and would have shown me around in the temple halls, if it hadn’t meant deserting the door. The museum is public and has some fine stuff on display, but not very big. Again, I feel this is a good way to go: some select items that may also be of interest to the public. Once we get a little more settled in, I’ll get in touch with some of names the girl gave me, and be back for a meeting and a tour of the halls. But “other stuff” is filling my time these days …

I also planned to visit the Heraldic Museum, but they seemed to be refurbishing, so I’ll have to get back to that one. More later.


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