Saying goodbye …

Before I get in to the thoughts that have sprung up from living in California these past three months, here is a quick resume for the reader (the posts are easily accessed through the archive):

Sitting in lodge
I visited Academia, Oakland for a First degree and a Lodge of Instruction cum Grand Master’s dinner, and Mission, SF for a Second and a Third. Not so terribly much, but I still got to see the three Craft degrees as they are worked in California, and it’s a lot better than back in Denmark where lodges are dark through the summer. I also made attempts to visit two other lodges during daytime, but we couldn’t make the schedule fit.

Grand Lodge
I went to the GL building on California St, going up the steep hill on the city’s famous streetcars a couple of time: I saw Rufus Wainwright in concert, the exhibitions on anti-masonry (Sacking the Temple) and masonic architecture (The Initiated Eye), and I went to Chris Hodapp’s guest lecture. Didn’t have time for the Annual Communications, but that would have been interesting to see.

Other than that …
I got a tatoo, I had a lucid dream, I visited a cemetary (with Masonic grave markers), I worked on the BOTA-lessons, I followed in the footsteps of Danish pioneer, Peter Lassen, and I took up running again. And I began a new life working freelance, which is probably the biggest thing.

And the Grail?
Hmm … not so much. But it’s hard to say – I still have a lot to take in, and the road goes ever on and on.


4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye …

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and it was wonderful to share masonic customs.You always have a friend out West and you are always welcome!

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