Chris Hodapp, mythbuster

HodappAlright, this was the last Masonic event for me in California (for now): Br. Chris Hodapp had been invited to the Grand Lodge of California (they are having their Annual Communication this weekend) to speak in relation to the Initiated Eye exhibition.

Br. Hodapp touced on the founding fathers and Masonic architecture in Washington, DC, subjects of both the exhibition and Hodapp’s book, Solomon’s Builders. It was a very enjoyable (and well-attended) hour. Hodapp is an entertaining and experienced speaker, basing his points on thorough research and pragmatism, rather than going for the cheap thrills and urban legends of the Craft. Br. Adam Kendall, curator of the museum, picked up on Hodapp’s myth-busting, pointing out that we as masons are ourselves keeping myths alive – through ignorance and romanticism. An important issue to remember as we interact with our Brethren.

I got a few autographs for some Danish Brethren, and Hodapp revealed that there was a Danish translation of Freemasonry for Dummies underway. It was also an opportunity to meet the Mission candidate (blogging as ‘Sarastro‘) again and had a brief chat, as well as Br. Drew, who is the artist behind The Master’s Jewel and the webmaster of Masonic Ink. It was all good.

On Wednesday we are flying over to Dublin, and a new chapter begins. I’ll try to summarise some of the experiences of the last three months in a few posts over the next weeks (but we’ll see how hard the jetlag hits, and what else may come up in our new home, but fingers crossed there should be Internet in the apartment).


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