This week I was out visiting again. This time to Mission Lodge in San Francisco. I had planned to try and see the temple, just as a tourist, because the few glimpses from their website hinted at a nice hall. Instead I ended up seeing a full second degree, and had a great night.

Masonic temple in Mission districtThe Mission district of SF is well, colourful. I stood outside the temple for a while, but no one showed up; the door was barred by a metal grate, and the bell was a spring sticking out of the fitting. In the end I decided to walk around to the back, and had more luck (to be fair: the website does metion this!). Anyway, that was the end of feeling left out; the brethren were friendly and inviting, and carried out the ritual beautifully. This was actually the first time I got to see a second outside of the Swedish Rite, and it was radically different and very interesting.

Although this was not the original intention, I will probably go back in two weeks to a third degree (I also hope to be permitted to shoot a few pictures from the two lodge rooms inside).


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