Man in motion

Greek runnersRecently I started running for the first time in my life, and it immediately became a goal to run a marathon. I have been running for a good month now, and the current goal is to do 13 km (approximately 1/4 marathon), while we’re still in California (we have a move to Dublin, Ireland coming up on 2 October), and then a half marathon, 26 km, before the end of the year – and then hopefully the full distance sometime next year.

Then I thought, why not increase the stakes a little? Add some extra push, so to speak. So now it has become my intention to use this event to raise money for charity. The exact details will have to wait until I am bit closer to the actual event and choosing where to run – but raising a bit of money for a worthy cause is already serving as a highly effective motivator. That, and taking care of my “physical temple” is totally Masonic (gotta live a long time to find that grail!). And finally, while running is quite boring, it also serves as an opprtunity for a 45 minute meditation. It’s all good.


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