Death, part 2: Needle to skin

(Well, I missed the planned second part of this series, but I’ll get around to that one sooner or later.)

InksYesterday I had the tatoo done, and it was a good experience. I had communicated with the artist, Gordon, but I hadn’t actually seen any artwork, so that was pretty exciting. When I saw the illustration I had no reservations (other that his Roman numeral for 10 was V (rather than X), but that was easily fixed). The work took three hours, and I wasn’t overly bothered by the pain – less than I had expected actually; the last twenty minutes were a little more intense though, as the skin got raw from working over the same area. The final artwork is for me alone, but what you see in this post is the actual black outline; the colour work is totally awesome, and Gordon was very pleased with how it turned out as well.

So how is this Masonic? Well, it’s a balance: Upon Initiation there is an Obligation not to reveal the rituals or symbols, and I haven’t, so it’s mostly a matter of how I read the image to represent certain lessons within freemasonry. And that’s a lesson in itself: Freemasonry is an personal journey. That is not to say that you can take it to mean what ever you want – there would be no point to it then. But the teachings are tempered by individual experience, and these symbols and their artistic representation are part of mine.


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