BOTA: Taking lessons

Wheel of FortuneLast year I decided to pick up a correspondence course based on Tarot, a “society” created by Paul Foster Case, called BOTA, Builders of the Adytum. You basically pay a monthly fee to subscribe to a series of lessons, a few pages of text per week; you can pause at any time and pick it up again whenever. The course is a mixture of meditations and essays. Case was a freemason (and also at one time a member of Golden Dawn), and although there are no specific references in the material, I see of lot that is peripheral in the deck he created for BOTA.

The thinking was that I felt stiffled in my general knowledge of esoterica. I know what I know from reading and browsing, but it seems limited to a surface layer. I may have expanded the scope, but not the depth. Hence, I thought it beneficial to sit down and follow a series of lessons, and just do the hard word work, because at the end of the day that’s thing: I’m too lazy to really dissolve Alchemy or climb the Tree of Life. I’m good on reference quotes, not so hot on understanding. I like abstractions, and my mind has a hard time locking things down into dogmas. Which is a good thing in many ways, but sometimes you need the firm foundation to build anything.

So, last autumn I worked through Trumps (or Keys, as BOTA calls them) numbered 0-9, and I thought this “quest” would be a good opportunity to pick up the course work again, starting from Key 10: Wheel of Destiny (which is kind of auspicious, or not). So this is just a post to say that I still find the “photocopy wisdom” worthwhile, but the full course runs several years, so for me this is mainly a process of focusing daily on spiritual advancement, while learning to accept that some things take time.


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