Rufus on Nob Hill

Rufus WainwrightWell, well, well. The night before we head out, I’m going to see Rufus Wainwright in the new Opera House in Copenhagen – I’ve have never been there, so it was a two for one kind of deal. Now I find out that he also plays while I’m in San Francisco, August 3, at the Nob Hill Masonic Center. I had thought it was an old temple that had been converted to a concert house (something that happens quite a lot in the states it seems, as decreasing number of members make the magnificant old temples untenable), but checking up on the address it is actually the Grand Lodge (see entry below). If the concert (and new album) is good enough I’ll just have to go twice … it would certainly follow the tradition of seeing him in some spectacular venues, as the first time was at the Royal Theatre. (Update: tickets were less than half the price of the Opera, so I’m now booked for SF as well.)

Masonic Auditorium


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