The Grand Lodge of California

1111 California StreetThe Grand Lodge of California is situated in San Francisco. Looks like a huge building so I’m assuming that lodges meet there as well. There is also a museum and most GLs offers a tour — I’ll see what I can do.
Apropos of the musem:

Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum
(Text from the site.)

The Grand Lodge of California opened the Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum in 1997 at the California Masonic Memorial Temple on California Street in San Francisco.

The museum contains over 8,000 titles and includes Masonic art and artifacts from California and around the world.

And even better, while we’re there they have en exhibit called Confronting the Critics:

news_1174526408.JPGFor over 300 years, Freemasonry has been the subject of attacks by conspiracists, fundamentalists, and even the Nazi’s. With actual artifacts, reproductions of artwork, and a compelling narative, a new exhibit at the Grand Lodge exposes and explores these critics and their charges against the world’s first and largest fraternity. More …


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