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Getting around in SF by tram …Finding regular lodges to visit in San Francisco is quite easy: the Grand Lodge of California has a lodge locator, where you simply type an address (or city) and it comes up with a list of the lodges closest to. I find it curious that apparently no lodges meet at the huge Grand Lodge building (worth another post), so it is likely an incomplete list (I know of at least one missing, but I’ll get back to that one).

About half of the lodges have web sites – quality varies, truth to say, but most have at least their meeting days listed (Phoenix’ does have some nice content though). The image portrayed is sooo different from GLofDK, but that is part of the charm.

There are at least two in Oakland, where I’ll be staying:

Live Oak No. 61 F&AM
3903 Broadway, Oakland, CA,94611

Oakland-Durant-Rockridge Lodge No. 188 F&AM
5449 College Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618

And in San Francisco proper, or within range:

Mission Lodge No. 169 F&AM
2668 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

La Parfaite Union No. 17
(same address as above)

Golden Gate Speranza No. 30
2400 14th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116-2521 US

Phoenix No. 144
(same address as above)

Crocker Lodge No. 212
17 Hillcrest Dr, Daly City, CA 94014-1014

San Francisco No. 120
855 Brotherhood Way, San Francisco, CA 94132-2903 US

California No. 1
(same address as above)

Columbia-Brotherhood No. 370
(same address as above)

But the whole Bay Area is littered with lodges, just a short drive away. It could potentially be some very busy three months, but I’ll try to pick and mix a range of different experiences.


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